Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean to Save money and Avoid Visits to Hospital!

On July 26, 2018, the Metro Fire Department from Station 844 responded to a desperate family’s call for help. Upon arrival to a home on Terrace View, Captain Payne and his team discovered a five member family living in a overheated home with no working A/C.

According to homeowner Mr. Gomez, the family’s A/C unit had stopped working the week before. Unable to pay the “thousands of dollars” to get the A/C unit working again the family found themselves in a major dilemma. With temperatures reaching well over 110 degrees outside the home–over 100 degrees inside–the family was starting to suffer the effects of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

The firefighting rescue team leaped into action. By the following day two 800 btu room air conditioners were installed into the bedroom windows of the family’s mobile home.

Regular Maintenance and Repair is Essential in Preventing Illness and Death

In Arizona, heat-related illness accounts for an average of 2,000 hospital visits and 118 deaths per year. Last year, six of the 118 deaths occurred in Pinal County.

Allstate Air & Heating is here to help lower these statistics. Families in need have a right to cost-effective HVAC service the same as anybody else so that stories like the one above do not happen in the first place.

Normally, HVAC cleaning in Arizona can range anywhere between $100-$500 depending on how large the home is. To avoid this cost, we offer $85 deluxe tune up and inspection as well as $20 duct cleaning to ensure your HVAC unit and home is running efficiently during the year.

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