Breath Healthier Air with Allstate Air & Heating, LLC.

  • Reduce Covid-19 virus by 99.4%
  • Produces no ozone or harmful by-products and requires no UV light or replacement parts
  • Residential and commercial property owners are investing more time into HVAC air purification systems
  • Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. has access to the best technology on the market to purify the air you breathe in your home or business. Our technology does not use UV lights which can cause damage to human skin and eyes over long periods of time. It is state of the art technology inspired by nature.

    Smart Technology Inspired by Nature

    Our ac air purifier uses ion technology, the same type of ions produced by lightening, waterfalls and ocean waves without developing any ozone. When these ions are injected into the air stream, they break down passing pollutants and gasses into harmless compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    Using Science to Defeat Coronavirus Spread

    The technology we use is called iWave. It has been tested by innovative bioanalysis, a third party, independent bio-lab, and has produced amazing results.
    Reduces Covid-19 virus by 99.4%

  • 84.2%
  • was inactive after 10-minutes

  • 92.6%
  • was inactive after 15-minutes

  • 99.4%
  • was inactive after 30-minutes
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    Protect Your Family with a Healthier and Smarter Way of Living

    With the spread of Covid-19, hospitals, businesses, and homes are looking at how to keep buildings clean from pathogens, bacteria, and viruses. Air conditioning technology and ac air purifier technology is gaining traction to curtail Covd-19 risks. The ac air purifier we use will retrofit to your existing AC unit – no need for expensive equipment or gutting your existing unit.
    The Springs Living company with 18 senior-living communities throughout Oregon and Montana, is looking to improve their buildings air filtration. “There’s a lot of new technology out there – and a lot of snake oil out there as well,” said Chris Shelby, the director of design for the McMinnville-based company.

    How To Safely Reopen Schools

    Families and businesses have the same sentiment as Chris Shelby. They are looking for a proven technology that will deliver results. Arizona schools are reopening, and everyone has the same concern, “how are we going to keep the teachers and kids safe?”
    “This is about making sure that our teachers, our staff, our kids and their families are safe,” said School Superintendent Kathy Hoffman. “My advice to all of our school leaders is to make sure they’re adhering to these as a matter of public safety.” With the technology Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. has access to, we can retrofit existing school buildings with ion air purifying technology that can reduce Covid-19 spread at schools.

    Arizona Leading Nation in Covid-19 Response

    Because Arizona is responding to Covid-19 with creative solutions and technology, we have been hailed by President Trump as the nation’s success story. Let us stay ahead of the nation and continue developing and deploying technology that keeps out homes and businesses healthier and safer.
    According to CNN, “(Arizona’s) turn around has caught the attention of health experts, who have praised Arizona as an example of a state that successfully reimplemented mitigation efforts as cases rose.”

    Get an AC Air Purifier That Works

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