The Environmental Protection Agency Bans R22 in 2020

Over the last few years the EPA has been phasing out R22, a refrigerant that has the capability of depleting the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere. It is said that it is helping to contribute to a larger “greenhouse effect”.

Since the 1970’s, chemists and scientists have discovered a huge hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica. This lead to a huge push by the EPA and United Nations to restore the ozone layer.

Why is the Ozone Important?

NASA Image of Ozone Thinning over AntarcticaOur ozone layer is a protective barrier that shields us from harmful sun rays and outside elements from space. NASA has announced that in 2006 the ozone hole has doubled in size, “It is primarily caused by human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gasses into the stratosphere.”

The ozone layer is comprised of O2 or oxygen molecules. As these molecules reach higher and higher in our atmosphere the sun breaks them apart into free oxygen atoms. The free atoms then bond with unbroken O2 molecules and create our ozone.

R22 and other halogenated hydrocarbons contain chlorine atoms. When these chlorine atoms reach the highest parts of the Earth’s atmosphere, it creates more O2 so that the free atoms no longer have unbroken O2 molecules to bond with.Earth's Ozone Layer

Essentially, the ozone is becoming so thin that it is creating a hole.

The EPA Bans AC Units That Use R-22

AC and Central Air Units manufactured before 2010 will become much more expensive to maintain and fix. The EPA warns consumers that “R-22 will become more limited and that the price will increase”.

R22 RefrigerantThat means, when you call anyone to repair your AC or heating unit and it uses R-22, you will pay much more than you normally pay to recharge your central air conditioning unit.

Here is the EPA’s timeline for phasing out R22 from the United States
January 1st, 2010 Ban on production, import and use of HCFC-22 and HCFC142b, except for continuing servicing needs of existing equipment.
January 1st, 2015 Ban on production, import, and use of all HCFCs, except for continuing servicing needs of existing equipment.
January 1st, 2020 Ban on remaining production and import of HCFCs. After 2020, the servicing of systems with R-22 will rely on recycled or stockpiled quantities.
January 1st, 2030 Ban on remaining production and import of all HCFCs

Allstate Air & Heating Can Help You Transition Away From R22

Allstate Air & Heating can help you transition away from R22 and the massive costs that are one the way. There are a few things you should consider when making the decision to repair or replace your exiting central air conditioning and heating unit.

Risk of Waiting The cost to repair and recharge any ac or heating unit using R22 will drastically increase.
Age of System If you have an AC unit that is 10-20 years old. It would be a wise move to replace it with a more energy efficient system that does not use R22
Energy Bill Savings This goes hand in hand with the age of the system. The AC units that are being manufactured today can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. Call 480-704-4828 and find out your options on getting a new unit that can save you lots of money on your energy bill.

Let Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. help you from paying massive amounts of money to maintain and outdated AC unit using R22

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