Heat killed 172 people in the Phoenix and Queen Creek area last year.

This is a record high for the major city and surrounding area, including Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. The most vulnerable during these hot days and nights include outdoor workers, the elderly, young children and even pets. 

Queen Creek and the valley of San Tan are becoming increasingly hotter places to live due to the combined effects of human-caused climate change and the local urban heat-island effect. For the past 15 years Queen Creek and Sant Tan Valley have seen a steady increase of new construction for homes and laying down of new concrete for walkways and roads to supplement its growing population.

Read the entire article here: https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona-environment/2018/09/10/heat-killed-record-number-people-phoenix-area-last-year/1149695002/

According to AccuWeather, Phoenix and its surrounding area is one of he hottest large cities in America. Phoenix alone has over one million residents and has temperatures that reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit and above for more than 67 days in an average year.

Both Phoenix and Queen Creek, AZ share similar temperatures throughout the year. On average, these cities share an average high temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit in July and an average low of 41-42 degrees Fahrenheit in January in the shade.

Heat Re-lated Death Prevention Tips:

– Stay inside during hottest months. If you must go outside, try to plan short trips during the coolest parts of the day.
– Plan ahead. Avoid too much activity in hot weather. Activity increases body temperature.
– Eat smaller meals. Eating heavier and larger meals will increase your metabolism which will also increase internal body temperature.
– Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers (cotton and linen are best).
– Put wet towels on head, take cool (not cold) showers and put feet in water.
– Drink plenty of non-alcoholic liquids (cold) even if you’re not thirsty.
– Keep HVAC system in top shape. Have a professional HVAC company inspect your A/C unit on a regular basis or before summer begins. (January through March are best for Queen Creek and San Tan residents).
– Do NOT go outside ALONE during hot days (above 95 degrees Fahrenheit)
– Check in on family, friends and neighbors who may be vulnerable to the heat (Call them at least once a day).
– Never leave children, older people or pets in cars.

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