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Our motto is ALL Honesty. ALL Integrity. ALL the Time. We are a family owned and operated air conditioning and heating company that believes in treating our customers with respect and dignity like they were a part of our family.

Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with customers. Most large AC repair companies use this type of tactic… but not us! We will always have professional, proficient, knowledgable and trustworthy technicians show up for repair, maintenance and installation.

We offer services with fair and competitive FLAT RATE pricing! Whether you need Air Conditioning and Heating maintenance, diagnosis and repair, or an estimate for equipment replacement, Allstate Air & Heating is your Full Service contractor.

• Guarantee a comfortable and healthy home
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• Upmost respect and gratitude for our veterans by offering 10% discount on all and every service
• Most affordable and comprehensive Maintenance Program in the state
• Provide our customers the best experience possible
• Leave a lasting impression with our professional service and skills

Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. provides 24-Hour Emergency AC Unit and Heating Unit Repair and Maintenance Service.

We GUARANTEE your family will be comfortable throughout the summer or winter!

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Reduce Covid-19 with AC Air Purifier Technology

Breath Healthier Air with Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. Reduce Covid-19 virus by 99.4% Produces no ozone or harmful by-products and requires no UV light or replacement parts Residential and commercial property owners are investing more time into HVAC air purification...

Arizona 2020 Energy Tax Credit Rebate Guide for AC Unit Installation

The information about the Arizona 2020 Tax Credit and Rebate Guide for Energy Efficient AC Unit Installation is provided by Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. R22 refrigerant has been banned in America meaning old AC units will eventually have to be replaced with new energy...

Do Not Let this Past Week of Freakishly Cold Arizona Weather Leave You Unprepared for the Coming Summer Heat

This past week of Queen Creek weather has certainly been bizarre to say the least. Daytime highs have ranged between 15 and 20 degrees below normal for this time of the year. Northern Arizona experienced a Winter Weather Advisory, three inches of snowfall in Flagstaff...

R22 Refrigerant Becomes Illegal in Arizona – What Should You Do?

The Environmental Protection Agency Bans R22 in 2020 Over the last few years the EPA has been phasing out R22, a refrigerant that has the capability of depleting the ozone layer of Earth’s atmosphere. It is said that it is helping to contribute to a larger “greenhouse...

Queen Creek Witnesses Record Number of Heat Related Death

Heat killed 172 people in the Phoenix and Queen Creek area last year. This is a record high for the major city and surrounding area, including Queen Creek and San Tan Valley. The most vulnerable during these hot days and nights include outdoor workers, the elderly,...

San Tan Valley Fire Department Saves Family by Fixing Broken A/C Unit Problem

Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean to Save money and Avoid Visits to Hospital! On July 26, 2018, the Metro Fire Department from Station 844 responded to a desperate family’s call for help. Upon arrival to a home on Terrace View, Captain Payne and his team discovered a five...

6 Simple Ways To Clean HVAC System

Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean to Keep Your Utility Bill Cheap! Allstate Air & Heating knows how hard it is to keep HVAC units clean in Arizona. After all, we live in a desert and are surrounded by dirt! With average costs for HVAC cleaning in Arizona being anywhere from...

5 HVAC Innovations That Will Change How Arizona Residents Cool and Heat Homes and Businesses

New HVAC Technology Will Forever Change Your Home and Business Arizona energy prices are very high if you haven’t noticed! That is because we consume so much of it. President Trump has lifted restrictions on how energy companies can utilize more resources, like coal,...

4 Health Problems Caused by Overuse of Air Conditioning Unit

Keep Your Home and Family Healthy! It is important to have your Air Conditioning unit working properly. That is why you should read our tips on “8 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Summer” to help you improve the efficiency of your unit during the summer...

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