Ready to Save Money With These Simple Energy Saving Tips?!

The #1 goal at Allstate Air & Heating, LLC. is to ensure our customers are treated like our very own family. Get ready to save some major money with these simple 8 tips!

#8 – Shade Your House

Every Arizonan knows this, but it has to be said! Most of the heat comes from the sun! Shading your home from the rays of the sun is one of the best ways to keep your home cool. Next time your outside, look around and see if you can plant brush or a tree somewhere strategic to block the heat from entering your home.

#7 – Shade Your AC Unit

US Department of Energy says that covering your AC unit with shade will “increase its efficiency by up to 10%”. By doing this you will increase the effectiveness and longevity of your unit!

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#6 – Cover Your Windows

Cover your windows with a mesh or screen. Close your blinds and curtains – this helps deflect up to 50+% of sun rays from entering your home. There are also window films that deflect sun rays and heat before entering your home.

#5 – Lower The Thermostat During the Day

If you have done the above steps, lowering the air conditioning thermostat by 7-10 degrees during the afternoon will save you big money on electric bills. Once your get through the hot day go ahead and lower the thermostat. According to the EPA, the lower the temperature inside your home, the slower the heat loss. So, the longer your home is cooled during the night, the more energy you save!

#4 – Chill Your Home with Fans

Circulate the air inside your home to make sure the cold air is flowing through your house. This will also keep everyone in the home from increase in body temperature that will result in sweating. By turning on fans through the house this will create a wind chill effect on your skin.

#3 – Basements Are Cooler During the Day

If you have a basement, stay in there during the day. Basements are exposed to the cool earth because it is protected from radiant heat from the sun rays beating down on your roof! Air ducts also suck in warm air from the upper levels of your home and mixes it with cooler air and this is part of the reason why staying in your basement is a good idea (if you have one).

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#2 – Do Not Use the Kitchen During the Day

Try and avoid using the kitchen in any way. Using the kitchen will emit heat. This includes baking in the oven or on the stove. Try and cook pasta or soup the night before and zap it in the microwave to avoid using the kitchen during the day. If you have to cook, turn on the kitchen fan to remove some of the heat.

Same thing goes for taking a hot shower. Make sure to turn the bathroom fan on to remove heat and moisture which will reduce humidity.

#1 – Maintain Your AC Unit

Keeping your AC unit filter clean to stop condensation. Doing this will make sure the AC unit drains properly as well. This is very important in keeping your electric bill costs down. It will also keep the AC unit working more efficiently. The technology that is in your AC unit is also important to consider.

New AC units have better technology reducing energy costs!

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