Keep Your HVAC Unit Clean to Keep Your Utility Bill Cheap!

Allstate Air & Heating knows how hard it is to keep HVAC units clean in Arizona. After all, we live in a desert and are surrounded by dirt!

With average costs for HVAC cleaning in Arizona being anywhere from $100-$500 depending on how large the home is it may not be in your budget. That is why we offer $85 deluxe tune up and inspection as well as $20 duct cleaning to ensure your HVAC unit and home is running efficiently during the year.

6 Steps For DIY HVAC Cleaners

1 – Check air filters and replace as needed

One of the most important things you should do is inspect your air filter. Dirty air filters make HVAC systems less effective and efficient because of the strain it causes. Remind yourself each month to check your HVAC air filter and replace it if it is dirty.

2 – Replace air filters every 30-90 days

Most people have pets and because of this hair and airborne dirt is floating around more than you think. Also, during the winter Arizona residents have their windows open and that causes more dirt to float around the home. All of this gets caught the filter and causes the HVAC to work harder.

3 – Keep AC and Heat systems clean

If you look at up at the air vents you will see dirt 9 times out of 10. This is because the airflow in the home is circulating dirt in and out of the air vents. Not only is it important to clean air filters but to clean the vents to maximize airflow throughout the house.

4 – Shut the humidifier off

Try not to run the humidifier all the time in order to give your HVAC system a rest. You can do this by turning of your furnace humidifiers water supply, or unplugging portable systems around the house during the summer. During the cooler months replace the water panel and keep humidity levels between 30-50 percent.

5 – Listen for noises blocking air flow

Go to each vent and listen to see if you hear of any noises. Usually this means that something is clogging the system. These noises could be from debris, loose bolts, hissing from air escaping from the system, etc.

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6 – Use fans more often

Give your HVAC system a break and turn your fans on. If the heat is unbearable keep your air conditioning unit on running at 75-degrees and turn your fans on throughout the house. Check out these 8 simple ways to reduce your electric bill this summer.

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