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What if you had pneumonia or asthma? It would effect your breathing right? That is what the air ducts are in your home. It is the lungs of your home and the cleaner they are the better!

What are Air Ducts?

Air ducts keep hot and cold air flowing in and out of each room making sure the temperature in your home is comfortable regardless of the season. This is especially important in Arizona because of the temperature change between summer and the rest of the year.

Air in your home is constantly flowing in and out of rooms and your living environment. Homes in Arizona are especially susceptible to heat build up in rooms that face the sun. With a clean air duct, a room that is cooler than a home that is warmer, the cool air is able to flow into the warm room to keep the temperature down.

Making sure that your air ducts are cleaned is vitally important if you are to have a happy home, comfortable living situation and healthy life.

Why Clean Air Ducts?

The main reasons to have your air ducts cleaned according to the EPA

  • Visible Mold Growth
  • Pest or Rodent Infestation
  • Excessive Dust or Debris

If you have any of the issues above, it is important to get the air ducts cleaned because you may be currently living in an unsanitary and/or unhealthy environment for you, your family or business.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts

Mothers and Fathers in Arizona are all about being clean – especially since we live in the desert where dirt is everywhere. Since we live around dirt it is only reasonable to want to come home to a clean house!

1 – A Cleaner Home is a Healthier Environment

Having air ducts cleaned professionally by Allstate Air and Heating means reduction in dust and particles around the home. The dust in Air Ducts will circulate around your home which results in allergies and and increase in interior cleaning.

2 – Reduce Asthma Attacks and Allergies

Have you noticed the “clean air filter” fans that get sold at your local Walmart, Lowes or Home Depot? That is because dust is a huge contributor to allergies and asthma attacks! With the reduction of dust in your home you will most assuredly reduce both asthma attacks and allergens and irritants in your home.

3 – Removes Smells and Odors

According to the EPA mold growth in air ducts happens more often than people realize (have you smelled mold? It is gross!). If a rodent has been living in the air ducts you can bet there is urine and poop smell as well. Not only that, but an accumulation of pet hair, household odors from the kitchen, cleaning supplies, smoke, etc. all contribute to smell. All of these combined with dust which is an agent that captures these odors will result in a smelly home.

4 – Better Air Flow

Have you noticed Arizona is hot during the summer?! That is why it is so important to have clean air ducts because it will improve air flow in your home which results in a more comfortable home. Please read “what are air ducts?” above for more information on why improved air flow is important in an Arizona home.

Get Your Air Duct Cleaned at Affordable Price!

The EPA says that on average having your air ducts cleaned can cost $450 to $1000 per heating and cooling system which varies depending on size, accessibility, etc….

Clean your air ducts now for only $20! But you need to call now before our offer expires: 480-704-4828