4 Health Problems Caused by Overuse of Air Conditioning Unit

4 Health Problems with AC Unit Overuse

It is important to have your Air Conditioning unit working properly. That is why you should read our tips on “8 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill This Summer” to help you improve the efficiency of your unit during the summer months. Not only will it keep your AC unit working properly but it will keep your home cool.

Potential Health Issues

Despite wanting to run your AC unit for 24/7 during the blazing hot summer’s in Arizona… if your AC unit is constantly being used it can cause health issues.

Here are some health issues that are linked to overuse of an AC unit.

Dry Nose and Skin – The cause of dry skin and nasal passages is due to low humidity and the loss of body fluid – an AC unit obviously cools the air down but drops the humidity down to extremely low levels. This can cause epistaxis or bleeding in the nose.

Sickness and Breathing Problems – If you begin to feel like your noise and skin are drying out, you more than likely are going to have respiratory problems because your mucus membranes are about to dry out.

Allergies – If you have allergies during the summer and you run your AC unit you will have to have your system regularly maintained. If your AC unit filter or air duct’s are not cleaned/changed out you will begin accumulate pollen/dust/etc… which will result in worsened allergies and ear aches.

Air Pollution – If you have poor air circulation around the home the air inside your home may be worse than the air outside your home. The indoor air pollution will contain allergens that will cause itchy eyes, headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing, asthma attacks and possibly pneumonia could develop.

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